Ian Crane

is a multidisciplinary artist living and working in New York.

He’s currently the Senior Motion Creative at GrandArmy, Supercluster and Space Agency.




Vacationland - Identity Animation

Vacationland is a documentary studio making uncommon films on common ground. Since 2014 they’ve been producing original stories and commissioned works to help make the world make sense. GrandArmy worked with the team at Vacationland to craft a new brand positioning, messaging guidelines, and a comprehensive visual identity system. 

I was fortunate enough to work with the team to bring the case study to life with motion. I was extremely excited about this work, especially the logo animation: with every frame printed out on my little Epson, crumped up, creased, drenched with water, tossed into the oven, then scanned back in.

Agency: GrandArmy
Creative Direction/Design: Eric Collins, Paul Abood
Design: Alek Blik, Tristan Hanks, Simran Singh
Brand Positioning: Garrett Mireles
Account: Karli Mittel, Sterling Juan Diaz
Animation: Ian Crane

View full case study ☞ here

October 15th, 2023