Ian Crane

is a multidisciplinary artist living and working in New York.

He’s currently the Senior Motion Creative at GrandArmy, Supercluster and Space Agency.




Analog:Shift Brand Animation - ‘Stealing Time Itself’

“Stealing Time Itself” is a new, animated short heist film GrandArmy created for Analog:Shift. Basically, we got the team back together for one, last, big score…

Flying cars, Extend-O-Guns, robotic sharks… this project was an absolute delight to work on. This is all thanks to an incredible team of wickedly talented artists, a deeply passionate client with a film degree and an Ice Station Zebra poster, a saxophone-bearing synthwave band swooping in like superheroes to score the piece, and a supporting team of account managers and producers that made this even possible.

Client: Analog:Shift
Agency: GrandArmy
Creative Direction & Writing: Larry Pipitone, Joey Ellis, Joe Haddad, Michael Stone, Ben Gallegos
Design/Illustration: Ben Gallegos, Tristan Dubin, Joe Haddad, Natalie Patane
Animation: Ben Gallegos, Ian Crane, Simon Ampel, Keenon Ferrell, Peter Ahern
Music: The Midnight
Sound design: Hyperbolic Audio
Producers: Luke Proctor and Jinhee Kim
Account Managers: Sterling Diaz, Daniella Ramirez, & Corey Phifer

June 16th, 2022