Ian Crane

is a motion designer living and working in Brooklyn, New York. He works for GrandArmy and Supercluster.




Not From Here - PUMA Hoops

LaMelo Ball was one of the most anticipated players in the 2021 NBA draft, and finished the season as Rookie of the Year. PUMA Hoops signed him, and Nowadays was tasked with sharing the news.

The plan was: lean into LaMelo’s personal motto of “Not From Here.” Ball is an otherwordly basketball player, with superhuman basketball-oriented abilities. 

Filmed in a gym in Boston, we needed to toe the perfect line between candid cell-phone footage, and a high quality production. 

The social campaign was the most successful PUMA Hoops has done yet, garnering 125 million organic views.

🏆 It won a Shorty award for best use of Instagram Reels. 🏆

Agency: Nowadays
Creative Direction: Eric Collins, Stefan Knecht
Director: Todd DosSantos
Post Production: Ian Crane
February 16th, 2021