Ian Crane

is a multidisciplinary artist living and working in New York.

He’s currently the Senior Motion Creative at GrandArmy, Supercluster and Space Agency.




Virgin Orbit x Supercluster: Airlaunch Explained

Virgin Orbit is on a mission to make space more accessible through AirLaunch — a transformative new launch system capable of launching a rocket from anywhere on Earth.

Supercluster was asked to help explain what sets Airlaunch apart. We created a short film that explains the history and future of Airlaunch, and the impact this technology will have on the rapidly expanding New Space economy.

Using a mix of hand-drawn cel animation, stop motion, and archival footage, we make the case that 35 thousand feet in the air might just be the best place to launch a rocket.

Agency: Supercluster
Creative Direction/Design: Michael Stone, Tim Mele
Illustration: Tim Mele, Michael Stone
Animation: Ian Crane, Tim Mele
Music: Ari Trautmann
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February 16th, 2021